Bespoke Software Solutions

When might you need a bespoke solution?

when off the shelf systems, commonly produced to be a “best-fit” to all, don’t fit to your style of process or reflect precisely the data you need to work with.

when you find you’re having to make costly changes to your processes to fit the “best-fit” software.

How can we help?

  • We believe firmly in listening first and gaining an understanding of your requirements in order to make an informed decision on the recommended type of technological solution for your business goals and IT infrastructure.
  • Our solutions are scalable and will fit organisations of all sizes.
  • We are flexible in our approach and can coordinate the project to fit with the way your enterprise works, creating the solution that will fit in to your business perfectly.
  • We are skilled in working for clients of all sizes and can liaise in the best manner suited to you.
  • We do not charge for our initial consultancy meeting or for the estimate of work.
  • We use Microsoft’s latest .NET platform and SQL Server for reliable and durable applications.

We have also developed foundation modules that we will adapt where necessary and integrate into your system where possible. These modules would be provided free of charge in return for you permitting us to provide any adaptations that we develop for you to existing and future customers.

If you wish us to develop something that is unique to your company that will give you a competitive edge we will need to define it and come to an agreement about restrictions/licensing for that particular item.

We are resellers and 3rd party developers of the Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management system and can provide a fully integrated hardware and till/scanner solutions equipped to your retail operation.

We can provide custom development that streamlines the software to your business processes and integrate with external services such as 3rd party loyalty schemes, online booking.

Some of the developments we have done;

  • BAA WorldPoints Loyalty Scheme processing and submission
  • Online Pre-purchased Custom Voucher processing
  • National Weights & Measures Laboratory (NWML) certified Weigh Scales Link