Database Development

Why might I need a database developed?

Database development is often at the heart of any business application enabling information to be stored and processed to drive operations relevant to your business. It also allows the knowledge gained through your employees and customers to be retained and can drive strategy and planning as your business evolves.

The advantages of a bespoke database;

  • holding data only relevant to your organisation,
  • can follow exactly the processes you have defined
  • help employees to adhere to the steps of a process
  • reduce manual errors
  • reduce many tasks and hoops through which employees had to operate, through automation of user processes
  • tailored permissions to tables/screens/and fields and who can update or just view data
  • can link information to other areas of the database so the correct people can see relevant and timely information from across the business
  • you can specify the user tools through which you connect to the database
  • can integrate with other systems to provide company wide visibility of company gained knowledge and reduce double entry

We are experts at SQL backend as well as desktop and web applications. We can build the database that drives your business to a more productive and profitable level.

Our database solution can match your needs, whether it be a simple one user Windows application or a multi user database application with web access. A database solution is usually paired with a bespoke frontend web/desktop/other application which we can create for you as well.

Our Experience

We have developed database solutions from enterprise wide applications to single user applications.

We have developed a system with a HQ and satellite store databases which are fully replicated using our own replication technology.

We have developed our own bi-directional replication technology that can centralise, huge volumes of data rapidly and securely over the internet. This has been specifically developed to be robust enough to operate autonomously around times of internet downtime to allow satellite databases to always be able to process transactions.

We also have the ability to synchronise records across definable groups of stores to allow data to be keyed in securely in one store and reflected swiftly at other stores within that group.